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Act Confidently With Our Insurance Policy

We can insure you from any kind of trouble

Our Insurance Services

Personal Insurance

Personal Auto, Home, Landlord, Umbrella, Motorcycle, Boat

Business Insurance

Commercial Auto, Trucking, Commercial Building, General Liability, Worker\’s Comp, 

Life Insurance

Term, WholeLife, Annuity, IRA

Health Insurance

The individual Health plan, Commerical Group Health, ACA plan, Non-ACA (PPO Plan), Dental & Vision

Travel Insurance

International or Domestic travel plan, luggage coverage, flight cancel coverage

Pet Insurance

Insurance protection for your Pets



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About US

DW Insurance & Financial Services Inc., is located in the center of Mckinney, TX.  Our agency services the whole state of Texas. We provide Auto, Home, Medical health, Commercial, Life, College Planning and Retirement planning services.

Our agency has seen many natural disasters and catastrophes, so we understand why insurance is so important. At DW Insurance, we do not see our customers as just a number, we care about sustaining their quality of life. Our insurance professionals will sit down and review your current insurance policy and determine what kind of insurance you desire and assist you to select the most suitable product.

Our goal here at DW is to protect our customers against natural disasters, costly medical expenses and securing their assets and properties all while providing the best insurance rates possible.

Why Choose Us? 


We strongly believe that clients value trust in their insurance agent, and being trustworthy is a crucial quality that sets us apart from other agents.   Clients rely on us to guide them through complex insurance policies, provide accurate information, and handle their claims with integrity.

We Are Experts

All our agent has deep understanding of insurance products, policies, and the industry as a whole can instill confidence in our clients. Our Expertise allows us to educate our clients about their options, answer their questions, and tailor coverage to their specific needs.

Best Service

Being responsive to clients’ inquiries, concerns, and requests is vital.   Our agents who promptly return calls and emails, providing timely assistance and support.  Our responsiveness shows that we prioritize their needs and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Personalized Meeting

We always taking the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances and providing personalized recommendations showcases your dedication to their best interests. By tailoring insurance solutions to their specific requirements, we demonstrate that our genuinely care about protecting their assets and mitigating risks.